Twice Shy


Harper is a witch on the run and the road ends in the only place offering sanctuary, the Redstar werewolf pack. But that safety comes with a price. They’ll protect her from the men hunting her, but not from themselves.

Jonas is a soldier, a defender of the pack. He wants a mate who can stand toe to toe with him and Harper can’t. That doesn’t change the need, the craving he has for her and when Mick brings the three of them together, he can’t resist their collective charms.

But can he protect them from the danger that comes stalking? Or will he lose her just as he discovers he can’t live without her? And what about Mick? If he doesn’t find a way to mend the mistakes of the past, he may lose them both.

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Harper shouldn’t have followed him.

She knew it. Liza had warned her to stay inside tonight, on the full moon. But it was also her brother’s birthday. She hadn’t dared contact him to let him know she’d arrived in Redstar, that for the moment at least she was safe. But even if she couldn’t risk the communication, couldn’t risk her father discovering her whereabouts, she wanted to do a blessing ceremony for him. She’d discovered a tiny glade, the ideal serene place for her protection prayer, and gone late in the afternoon. She’d finished before the sun began to set.

But on her return she passed Jonas’s house. He was on his back deck, slowly removing his clothes, folding them methodically to place on a table. She couldn’t move, stayed hidden and frozen as each magnificent hard inch of his body was revealed. If he hadn’t made his disdain so damned clear at the celebration a few days ago, and many times since, she might have sashayed forward and propositioned him.

She couldn’t believe he didn’t hear her sigh of appreciation when he strolled forward, all those big tight muscles gleaming and contracting. And his cock … wow. They really came in that size? Her fumbling college days suddenly seemed much less the education than she’d thought.

So no one could blame her, could they, when he stopped in the clearing behind his home and transformed into a wolf. Because, really, who could walk away from that wonder? Certainly not me. She cast a quick simple tracking spell so she could follow when he loped off into the woods. But she didn’t in any way count on the scene she came upon following that spell.

His large black wolf fought with another, just as big but almost solid white. Well, more blond than white and that’s when she realized it must be Mick, the pack’s healer. They snarled and circled. They drew blood and once she thought she heard a bone crack. Finally, sides heaving, they fell apart, on their bellies, and shifted. Mick naked was just as beautiful as Jonas. She wasn’t surprised when Jonas growled and pinned the other man under him. Shouldn’t have been surprised that they were both hard, that Jonas’s cock pressed against Mick’s ass declaring his dominance over the healer. What surprised her was how much it turned her on. And it just got better.

Mick twisted in his hold and flipped Jonas over. They were face to face. Chest to chest. Cock to cock. Oh, gawd. Harper groaned, not sure if she wanted to watch or be in the middle. Jonas’s hand was on the back of Mick’s head and he pulled the other man down for a kiss that seared her toes.

She wanted to leave, to ease her way out of view. That was real emotion, real desire she saw, and it made her want. It made her hurt. She’d never seen so much raw feeling openly displayed. What would it be like to be on the receiving end? What would it be like to be free to express it?

She hadn’t been living with the werewolves long but it was already long enough to know her former cold insular world of magic was sadly lacking. This was just further proof of it. And she wasn’t a part of it. Not a part of the open affection and love she was lately so often a witness to.

She had to get away before they discovered her. Maybe get out the vibrator she’d bought on her last trip to town. But when she took a cautious step backwards, eyes still soaking in the scene before her, her breath caught and she sank to her knees to watch.

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