Pride Law

Werelion Carlos Rivera, werewolf Declan Roberts, and human hunter Sunny Nolan are behind enemy lines in south Florida hunting a werewolf who may or may not be rogue and Sunny’s missing twin sister, Jaz. The straightforward mission gets complicated when both men claim Sunny, and each other.

All Sunny wants is to rescue her sister, get to know her mates better, and escape the Society unscathed to return to a simpler life. But simple is not in the cards because Sunny and Jaz share a secret that will shake the very foundations of the shape-shifting world.

Formerly published as The Gift.

Jaz Nolan has problems and she knows it. After escaping captivity and torture, she spent weeks suspicious. Skittish. Nervous. Those feelings are fading with the help of a good therapist and she’s ready to move on.

The first item on her list is to claim her mates, Asa and Fisher. Then she intends to find the monster who kidnapped her and make him pay. And hopefully at the end of the day, she, Asa, and Fisher will all be standing and ready to go on to a future together, unfettered by the past.

Morgan is one of the remaining members of a dwindling pride. With their territory slipping away, they seek an alliance with the Savannah, Georgia pride. If only things were that simple.

She isn’t a stranger to the Georgia pride. She met two as a teenager and knew they were her mates. Instead of accepting them, she fled and hid.

Isaac and Davis have spent ten years looking for their mate. When she falls into their laps there is no question of keeping her. But will she switch her loyalty to their pride? And can they win her heart in the process?

9 thoughts on “Pride Law

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  2. I’m curious of the order of Pride Law … I’ve got The Gift, The Return, and The Alliance … where does The Secret fall?

  3. I am confused??? Why is there only one book in this series? I have a book called Pride Law The Alliance, and have hear other people also mention a few others? Is it just that the site hasn’t been update? If so, could you let me know the books in the series, their order, and what their previous/current names are?

    • Hi Jessica,

      There were 3 books in the series: The Gift, The Return, and The Alliance. The Gift was renamed The Secret by its new publisher and The Return will be released Feb 15, 2013. At this moment, The Alliance isn’t scheduled for re-release.

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