Forbidden Passions Volume I


Coming February 2018

Love is the most dangerous game of all…

Stolen Passions
Lyra Marcus is a werewolf left for dead in enemy territory, but she’s not going down without a fight. Leopard-shifter Zander Leonidas wants the little she-wolf the moment he sees her–he’ll keep her safe no matter what it takes. In fact, he’ll just keep her, period.

Passions Recalled
Celeste Lykaios is a dead woman. At least that’s what her mate, Jason Leonidas, was told after a plane crash no one walked away from. When she shows up a year later, alive and well, he vows to protect her from all comers…a hurricane, a killer, and the werewolf family that kept them apart.

Fleeting Passions
Cleo Nemean is a lioness on the run from an abusive ex, and she takes a job with the Leonidas family hoping for protection. A night spent toasting her newfound freedom lands her in bed with Adrian Leonidas–her new boss, and her new accidental mate. But then her ex tracks her down…

Renegade Passions
Ajax Petros is leader of the eagle’s elite Messenger Corps, heir to the throne, and not ready to settle down. But when Nico Leonidas enters her territory searching for answers about the plane crash that killed his father everything changes.

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